How to help Schizophrenia Patient?

How to help Schizophrenia Patient

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How to help Schizophrenia Patient

How to help Schizophrenia Patient,Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder which requires regular medical treatment along with the psychotic therapies and consultations.

Schizophrenia is a disease about which no perfect medicines can be subscribed for getting fully recovered from a disease which can be reactivate anytime, no matter how much positive effect the prescribed medicines are having.

Although medications are the cornerstone to the Schizophrenia treatment, as per the cases and research the most often prescribed and used medications are anti psychotic

How to help Schizophrenia Patient?
How to help Schizophrenia Patient?

medicines. They are thought to control the symptoms by affecting the brain neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the main chemical in the brain that these medicines have an effect on. Other chemicals included to affect or change the behaviour, mood and emotions of a person are serotonin, noradrenaline and acetylcholine.

As per the studies and various cases Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder and disease which requires lifelong medical treatment, consultations, therapies and also hospitalisation depending on the severities. As the whole human body is controlled by its brain and if the main controller of the body gets affected with issues like Schizophrenia then the best medication is first observing the person.

Then, as per the observed nature of activities and living lifestyle we have to make ourselves accommodate with it and try to make the activities and lifestyle normal. In such cases we have to be peculiar and understanding enough to not to make the effected person feel or mention that he or she is suffering from some mental disease like Schizophrenia.

If we keep telling the person that he/she is suffering from it, then it can and may create more difficult conditions to handle with. We have to take care of the patient with full confidence and morality as instead of the drugs and antipsychotic medicines the main solution to this problem can be emotional attachment and acceptable nature.

We do not have to make the patient realize of this severe mental disorder in him/her but we ourselves have to create conditions and situations in which the patient is most comfortable with and lives life most happily and satisfactorily. If the same negative thing keeps happening again and again then anyone can get the symptoms and signs of Schizophrenia.

The thing which has to be taken care of is not allowing such conditions or situations to be created in which a person feels too negative about himself/ herself, instead we have to motivate that person more and more to think positive about oneself and never ever underestimate its willpower or capability to accomplish any of the goals of life to make his/ her life happy and comfortable.

We have to always stay in positive atmosphere and environment to feel good about oneself and then keep getting motivated and inspired to go for things and activities which are very good and profitable for one’s life and learn to handle any of the negative or positive situation with full concentration and motivation, that we never face any of such situations again in future. Same is required for the patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia that we have to make them feel good and positive about oneself and always try to make them accommodate with the prevailing conditions and situations to live a fruitful life full of happiness and satisfaction.

As in cases, when a person is diagnosed with this horrible issue of Schizophrenia, the first thing we have to take care of is getting the whole body diagnosed with, if any physical weaknesses are there then we have to take the proper medication for it as the patients with Schizophrenia issue do not take care of their bodies at all and many weaknesses gets generated then. As per the severity of the Schizophrenia problem, we have to first solve the physical weakness issue and then go for the medications and anti psychotic medicines required for healing Schizophrenia as there may be major side-effects involved with the anti psychotic medicines and if such anti psychotic medicines gets mixed with other medications required for healing any physical weakness then no positive effect can be guaranteed for.

We have to get to know about what is the major issue that is having a major part in creating signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia and then try to personally solve the issues by trying not to talk about the same thing again and again to make the person feel more and more negative about oneself and then making that person shout or misbehave in front of all to throw out all his/ her frustration/ anger/ misunderstandings.

We have to solve the issues of Schizophrenia with love and care so that the affected person feels good about oneself and enjoys normal life with all. If we are able to solve the issues of Schizophrenia personally then there is no need for any antipsychotic medicines as these medicines have too much of side-effects which can make more difficult for a person to lead a normal life.

All human beings requires good companionship and understanding for their daily works and activities to enjoy with it and do not take any sort of burden to finish off any of the activities required to live a peaceful and happy life.

Today, the world is so much advanced and hyper-generated that it takes no time to finish off any of the works but the same fastness creates trouble too if any of the works remain pending due to any personal issues. Then the public start teasing for it continuously and it creates problems like Schizophrenia if a person is more and more teased for any of his / her shortcomings in finishing any of the works.

We should not be pointing out or teasing a person for his / her shortcomings instead we should be diplomatic enough to make the person realise of his / her mistakes or shortcomings and be able to motivate or inspire that person to finish off that work within no time limit and with full confidence and strength.


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How to help Schizophrenia Patient article details about how we need to support the schizophrenia patient.This can good starting point for the patient friends to read about How to help Schizophrenia Patient



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