Bipolar Disorder Challenges


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If any person is suffering with Bipolar Disorder, he/ she has to face the biggest Bipolar Disorder challenges as the passionate blows or swings between obsession and sadness starts creating major instability and disorder in the coming life. In order to overcome this instability, it is helpful to be in contact with the psychiatrists or therapists or any supporting network or links so as to create healthy managing policies which can bring major positive changes in the ways of handling with this disorder.

So here are the biggest challenges of Bipolar Disorder, along with the instructions of handling them.

  1. Diagnosis of the disease:

Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in a person is a major challenge even for a doctor as there is existence of both depression and mania in Bipolar Disorder and recognising both in a single person is highly challenging for anyone. For instance, if only depression is seen in a person, then he may be prescribed with only antidepressants and only major depression may be diagnosed incorrectly.

It is seen or known that depression is the principal point of illness in Bipolar Disorder, but occurrence of mania or hypo-mania brings changes in the diagnosis and actually changes the highly effective, healing and beneficial treatment options.

If a person notices that their mood swipes between overjoyed/ elated highs and miserable lows, then it is necessary for the doctor to understand that the person is experiencing both of these ups and downs at the same time so be able to prescribe a better and helpful treatment routine or schedule which covers the full ranges of the symptoms

2. Addressing Addiction:


Dependence/ Obsession is another major problem for people with bipolar disorder. As per the study of the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2013, it is observed and suggested that more than 47 % of people with Bipolar Disorder have major exploitation or manipulative problem that their illness or health issues are very difficult to be solved and cannot be treated well.

As the experts for such illnesses don’t or can’t fully understand the connection between Bipolar Disorder and Obsession, self-medication with drugs and alcohol proves to be a very risky approach for treating oneself.

It is also seen that many people with Bipolar Disorder self- medicate themselves by the use of drugs and alcohol, so as to get encouraged for sleep and feel to be treated well as then they will be sleeping most of the time. If there are experts to treat well the people with Bipolar Disorder or Addiction, then they should carefully monitor the patients for addiction/ obsession in people with Bipolar Disorder and screen for Bipolar Disorder in people with addiction.

3. Finding the Right Medication:


As per the medication to manage Bipolar Disorder is concerned, there are many approved for it but its not easy even for the experts to figure out the right combination of medicines as different combinations proves to be most effective for different people with Bipolar Disorder.

If we consider to solve the issues of Bipolar Disorder or Obsession without any medications or drugs or alcohol, then everyone should maintain a daily journal or routine for their daily activities or functions so that the tracking of not only the emotional treatment response, but also other symptoms such as anxiety, sleep, hormonal cycle, and significant life events can be managed properly. There should be open discussions related to any possible problems between the patient and the doctors or experts so as to avoid any sort of side effects or the roles of stress, diet, and exercise in bipolar treatment.”

And, one can always do the part by taking good care of oneself. Follow the treatment plan and take the medication. Live a healthy lifestyle with a consistent routine, healthy diet, and plenty of sleep. And if still felt about the bipolar disorder symptoms getting out of control, pursue help on time

4. Managing Relationships:


Managing Relationships

Bipolar disorder can drain even the strongest relationships, so it’s important to develop the relationships with the people cared about and to try to be focused, even when there is struggling. This starts with understanding that the friends, family, caregivers, and other loved ones are also affected by the disease. Talk to the loved ones about ways to keep relationships strong.

It is always strongly advised and recommended that the patients should include their significant or people they love and trust in their treatment plans and allow them to provide their opinion or response when moods become unsteady or unstable.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder or any sort of Addiction can be generated or provided when there are family therapy sessions in which all the family members spends good time together and speaks and understands each other so as to be always concerned and accountable for any issues getting generated due to any mishappenings or misunderstandings. Love and care by the loved ones is the best treatment for any kind of mental illness.

5. Building a Support Network:


Building a Support Network

People with Bipolar Disorder feels that no one understands them and gets lonelier and quietly reserved, but finding a support network can help encourage a sense of community and relationship with the loved and knowns.

There are various support groups like the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and the

National Alliance on Mental Illness which are very valuable for people with bipolar disorder. These groups enable people with bipolar disorder to join a community that provides support, education, and advice that can help them work toward recovery.

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