Best Rehabilitation Centres For Schizophrenia

Best Rehabilitation Centres For Schizophrenia In India

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Best Rehabilitation Centres For Schizophrenia In India

Best Rehabilitation Centres For Schizophrenia in India, SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation)

Mental illness is an issue which cannot be taken lightly or avoided with. It requires a lot of treatment to recover back to the normality. Schizophrenia or other mental disorders are the mental disorders which makes the whole life very disastrous and unwilling to live, if not taken care of. If a person is diagnosed with any sort of the mental disorders or imbalance, he or she has to be provided with the correct and appropriate treatment in the early stages of the diagnosis as more delay in the treatment will keep worsening the condition of the patients as well of their family or known ones.

Best Rehabilitation Centres For Schizophrenia In India
Best Rehabilitation Centres For Schizophrenia In India

SCARF is one of the best hospitals in India for the treatment, rehabilitation and care of the patients who gets diagnosed with any mental disorders and Schizophrenia. In this hospital, very proper care and attention is provided to the patients and their attendants to overcome with the effects of the various mental disorders diagnosed with.

SCARF is a NGO and was founded in 1984 by a group of philanthropists and mental health professionals led by Dr. M.Sarada Menon who is himself and internationally known psychiatrist. The present team in SCARF of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, rehab personnel, administrative and support staff is led by the Director Dr. R. Thara.

SCARF is also one of the known centres in the world which is named as a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Mental Health Research and Training.


  1. To provide and generate research in the biological, social and psychological aspects of Schizophrenia.
  2. To provide proper and complete treatment, rehabilitation and care to people diagnosed with Schizophrenia and its prevention or reduction of the disability caused by Schizophrenia.
  3. Increases and improve the awareness in the slum areas or villages to get the proper treatment for Schizophrenia and also outreaches the community for improvement in the psychological aspects of the public for the persons diagnosed and treated for Schizophrenia.
  4. Training programmes are organised with various groups of people for knowledge on the principles of detection and management of mental illnesses.
  5. Taking various steps for lobbying extensively with the Government and other institutions for arranging programmes for the mentally disabled.

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