Art of Witnessing

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Art of Witnessing

Art of witnessing,it really sounds strange for people who never meditate and know about it!.What is the true meaning of witnessing? We often hear this word in Court, a witness.Witness is the person,who saw the incident live and can elaborate on what he seen during an event/case. That’s correct,witness is an observer who observed a scene!

Same way,witnessing is process of observing and staying as observer,not reacting to it.But ,what to witness-There are three things to witness as per osho.

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Heart

There are 112 methods of meditation technique.The most common methods out of all 112 techniques is “Witnessing”as per spiritual gurus.

Step 1: observe the body(5 Minutes):

First start with your body,its in the physical plane,easy to observe the body.Observe the sensation ,all over the body.Feel the discomfort and let-go the pain.Don’t go to past and future.Just stay in the present and observe the body.In this process ,body will feel uncomfortable at the beginning,because you never observed your own body.You will get questions like what are you trying to achieve out of this? Ignore all possible questions and imagination.Just observe the body completely.The more you observe,body feels relaxed.Let-Go scenario will be created,in this process your body will get completely relaxed.But ,word of caution- Don’t get attached to the body,remain as observer.Remember we are not the body!…Body is a mechanism. We live in body ,its a temple.But we are not the body.

Step 2 : observe the Mind(5 minutes):

Once the body gets relaxed,next thing to witness or observe is mind.As the saying goes,“Mind is real monkey”.It always thinks and does future projection.99% of the time ,mind stays in future and past.It worries about the future and constantly fears.Fear and worry keeps the mind active and we waste lot of fuel/energy in worrying about the future.Mind is good in marketplace for counting money,executing,it’s  a slave.We never question the mind,hence it goes on asking questions and mind reply back to the question.Most of the time,we just think and it becomes a habit.There is a saying “empty mind is devil’s workshop” but as per osho and other spiritual gurus,mind is already a devil workshop.It never gets empty,we make it so much occupied.All kind of garbage stays and we all constantly think about following three things and this becomes our nature too.

” Money”    ” Sex”   “Power”

Just witness the mind and be an observer and don’t reply to any of the mind’s question.Let it ask anything ,in first minute ,it will ask you “What the hell you are doing?” then it will ask you why are you wasting your time and so on…Just remain as witness,don’t answer any of the questions.Remember,you are not the mind,you are a pure witness.By just observing,the thoughts will do thoughts can disappear? Your witness/presence is like light,darkness(thoughts/desires) do disappear.You just need become aware,the moment you bring the awareness ,the workshop stops creating new thoughts.Let that thought be sweet,romantic or about pleasure.Just let go both the happy thoughts and the sad thoughts,both does not have any meaning.You are a pure witness,hence remain as witness.Slowly mud will settle and darkness will go off.When the master(Real you) is awake,in pure awareness,thoughts will disappear.

Continue to be witness.Now we witnessed both body and mind.

Step 3 : observe the Heart(7 minutes):

Now we are getting in more complex part.Heart is the place where all confusion lies too.Here,you have unknown thoughts/emotions/Feelings.In this spectrum,nothing measurable exists.It’s all about feelings.But backlogs/emotions does leave us when we observe it.It might take more time ,unlike body and mind.Remain a witness for all of your thoughts/emotions and continue to behave like a mirror.Mirror does reflect the image but it never gets to attached.Same way,don’t get attached with feelings and emotions.Be like a mirror,just witness the emotions,in this process slowly emotions will subdued.

Step 4: Let the existence takes care of it

You cannot do the fourth step.It happens on it own.It’s like peddling a cycle,you never know when the momentum is created.Fourth step,free flow of energy starts flowing in your body.You just remain as witness.But,as a rule of thumb ,remain as witness.What else you can be ! You are the witness …you are the master!….and you are the ATMAN! this will open all the doors fo Satyam ,Shivam and Sundaram. or whatever you can name it as “Enlightenment”

Art of Witnessing
Art of Witnessing

Art of witnessing is great method to reach final destination.Your home is not very far,its your own soul. Through ,Art of witnessing you attain your true self!

So observe all your activities like waking up in the morning,walking ,eating,working ,sad,happiness,smiling and sleeping. Once you become an observer,you will come to know your true self!


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