Schizophrenia Test

Schizophrenia Test

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Schizophrenia Test

Schizophrenia Test,you can self diagnose schizophrenia based on DSM-5 schizophrenia test.We have created the following standard set of questions.All you need to do is answer them and get a quick report /results of your mental health.



It is strongly recommended  to take the above test ,before visiting doctor/psychiatrist.I found this assessment tests very helpful for patients /newbies who are not able to understand their complications.The assessment test above ,will help you get started.This is online test.The scoring is captured on a real-time basis and small model runs on top of the survey to get the output.This is based on standard assessment  test of schizophrenia.

The test questions are based on general life and the ways you carryout and live your life.

Schizophrenia Test
Schizophrenia Test

Do you feel that your friends or family members have schizophrenia?If  you have doubts on the symptoms,you should take the above test. This test can be taken by anyone.This is very preliminary assessment of Schizophrenia symptoms.

Please follow the instructions based on the result of the  test.After the Schizophrenia test,visit doctors on a regular basis to keep a track of your general health.The test will assess the current situation of the person.

The test should be taken with a relaxed mind .This will enable the person to take the test properly.There is no prerequisite to take this test.You don’t need to visit the Psychiatrists for the same.This test can be taken from home.Please write back to us ,in-case of difficulty accessing the test.I hope you find this assessment helpful.


The above test only provides assessment of the person.This is a basic analysis of the person.We strongly recommend to consult the healthcare professionals on continuous basis.The above test does not officially recommend any prescription of medicines.The test only provides indication of Schizophrenia state.

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