How to remove tonsillitis

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How to remove tonsillitis

How to remove tonsillitis,this is my personal experience,I always used to struggle with throat infection and tonsils. Whenever the climate changes happened,the tonsils infection get severe.Change of weather further worsens the situation of tonsils.I tried all kind of medicines and tonics however,the condition remained the same.It generally takes more than a month to get away with tonsils but not completely.I suffered from tonsillitis almost every-year.Year on year the situation got worsen!!

Meanwhile,I started doing some readings around chakra meditation .We should understand that,we have two things in our body ,one is Visible energy Centers(Physical centers) and Invisible centers(Chakras).Invisible centers are overlay on top of the Physical centers(Visible ones).During sleep and day time we get energy from the source through the invisible centers. We have 7 Energy centers in our body.Generally,we get energy from Sun(Source of energy).When any one of the chakra gets blocked due to various reasons, we don’t get enough energy for the particular centre.

Seven energy centers are made of 7 different frequency colours which is similar to Rainbow colour VIBGYOR(Violet,Indigo,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange,Red)

Red- Base chakra, Orange-Navel, Yellow-in between heart and navel area , Green-Heart ,Blue-Throat, Indigo-In between eyebrows,Violet-Center of head.

Tonsillitis occurs when there is block in your throat center. Just by balancing the center,you can remove the blocks and free flow of energy happens in that center..once the center receives adequate energy ,you will never get tonsillitis again!…Thats what happened to me as well.Now am free from tonsils!

So,Sounds very easy and interesting rite!! Lets go one step more on how to remove the blockage in throat center.


Time : 10 minutes (Morning ) & 10 minutes(Before sleep)- 2 time a day

Period of 1-2 weeks.Minimum -1 week Maximum- 2 week


Step 1:

Open your eyes and remember the following colour(BLUE). Do it for 2 minutes.

How to remove tonsillitis for lifetime
How to remove tonsillitis for lifetime

Step 2:

Put-up yoga mat on the ground.

Step 3:

Lie down on the mat & put a small weight on your throat area-May be small item.(like below)

Lie down and Put weight on throat area
Lie down and Put weight on throat area

Step 4:

Close your eyes and visualise the colour(BLUE). Do it for 8 minutes.

The above technique,just clears your blocks in your throat will start feeling the free flow energy post doing the above steps.It’s very easy and it can do wonder!! Please drink only warm water during the above process!!

Above is tried and tested method! Hope it works for you too! Good luck!


You can also go through the following video demonstration :





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