Top Hospitals For Mental Illness in India


Mental Illness is prevailing everywhere and that too in a large extent, so here is the list and details about the top & best hospitals for any kind of mental illness or sickness in India. BETTER ME HEALTH CARE, DELHI Dr. Shwetank Bansal is a Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist at Better Me Health Care, Delhi. After completing […]

Bipolar Disorder Challenges


If any person is suffering with Bipolar Disorder, he/ she has to face the biggest Bipolar Disorder challenges as the passionate blows or swings between obsession and sadness starts creating major instability and disorder in the coming life. In order to overcome this instability, it is helpful to be in contact with the psychiatrists or […]

Best Psychiatric Hospital in the world


BEST PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS IN THE WORLD Best Psychiatric Hospitals in the world,Mental Illness and its various types asks for the need of proper and active Best Psychiatric Hospitals which can provide with the utmost proper care, consultation, medication and treatment to the patients suffering with any kind of mental illness and are unable to find […]

Personal Development after Mental Illness

Facts About Mental Illness

¬†Facts About Mental Illness Mental Illness becomes serious health problem and creates more issues, if not taken care of. So, here mentioned are the important facts about Mental Illness & Recovery. Mental illnesses are serious medical illnesses. They cannot be overcome through “will power” as it is not related to a person’s “character” or intelligence. […]

Mental Illness

Mental Illness

MENTAL ILLNESS AND ITS TYPES Mental illness or disorders are medical conditions that disturb or unsettle a person’s thinking, sensitivity, attitude, ability to communicate to others and daily functioning. Just as diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas, mental illnesses are remedial conditions that often result in a declining capacity for handling and surviving with […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Types of Mental Illness

TYPES OF MENTAL ILLNESS Type of mental illness article explains about the details of mental illness and it background in detail. Serious types of mental illness include: Major depression/ Clinical Depression: Type of mental illness,The significance or severity of depression ranges from mild and temporary phases of sadness or unhappiness to severe and insistent depression. […]

Schizophrenia Test

Schizophrenia Test

Schizophrenia Test Schizophrenia Test,you can self diagnose schizophrenia based on DSM-5 schizophrenia test.We have created the following standard set of questions.All you need to do is answer them and get a quick report /results of your mental health.     It is strongly recommended¬† to take the above test ,before visiting doctor/psychiatrist.I found this assessment […]

Art of Witnessing

Art of Witnessing Art of witnessing,it really sounds strange for people who never meditate and know about it!.What is the true meaning of witnessing? We often hear this word in Court, a witness.Witness is the person,who saw the incident live and can elaborate on what he seen during an event/case. That’s correct,witness is an observer […]

How to remove tonsillitis

How to remove tonsillitis How to remove tonsillitis,this is my personal experience,I always used to struggle with throat infection and tonsils. Whenever the climate changes happened,the tonsils infection get severe.Change of weather further worsens the situation of tonsils.I tried all kind of medicines and tonics however,the condition remained the same.It generally takes more than a […]

Who Gets Schizophrenia

Who Gets Schizophrenia

Who Gets Schizophrenia Who gets Schizophrenia,Schizophrenia Symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations usually starts between the age of 16 and 30. Such symptoms appear earlier to men than women. As per the research and different case studies, most of the time, people do not get Schizophrenia after the age of 45. Schizophrenia¬†rarely occurs in children, […]